News - Addressing Transportation Barriers with Community Partner: Bikeshare







In a needs assessment survey conducted in spring 2016, 25% (one quarter) of our students reported that transportation was a barrier to coming to school every day on time. One way we are working to address that barrier is a new partnership with the DC Bikeshare Community Partners Program.

In the spring of 2017 the Carlos Rosario School joined the program as a means to provide students with a more affordable, reliable transportation option. In less than a month we signed up more than 250 members from our school community. This more than doubles the combined total number of all partner organization memberships at Bikeshare. Our school is the largest Community Partner for Bikeshare.

One Harvard Street Campus student reported saving about $30 a month with her membership. She said, “I am saving money and time by using Bikeshare. Now I only have to wait for one bus instead of two.”

Another student shared that many times while waiting at the bus stop after his late night work shift, he wished he could have a Bikeshare membership so he could just grab a bike and ride home, but it seemed too expensive. Now, with the discounted memberships, the student is able to use the bike, get home earlier and sleep more before coming to class in the morning.

As part of the program, each participant receives a $5.00 annual membership and an extended check-in limit of one hour, a helmet, safety workshops, and a map of bike lanes through the city.

A special thanks to our Bikeshare liaison who has been very hands-on, visiting both campuses regularly to provide workshops on the benefits of the program and how to use it.