Registration Questions

1.  Do I have to be a DC resident to enroll in classes?
To enroll in most classes (including ESL, GED, Citizenship, technology essentials, and workforce development), you need to show proof that you are a DC resident. (For more information about what documents you can use to show you are a DC resident, click here.)
Charter school classes are tuition free for DC residents, but we also offer a small number of fee-based classes. For these classes you don’t need to be a DC resident.

2. Am I a new applicant or current student?
A current student is enrolled and attending class, or will attend when a semester begins (we re-enroll current students before the new semester begins).  New applicants are anyone else including a student who attended class in a previous semester, five years ago, or never. An applicant who was enrolled in the current semester but dropped would be a new applicant, not a current student.

3. What if I was a student at the school a few years ago and want to come back and continue taking classes now?
You would need to register as if you were a new student.

4. What happens if I can’t come during the registration dates?
If you can’t come to the School during registration dates, you may put your name on the interest list once it opens. We will call you if a space becomes available. Please note that adding your name to the interest list does not guarantee you will be able to register.

5. Can I register someone else for classes?
You are NOT able to register someone else.

6. What happens if I cannot come to class after I register?
If you miss the first week of class (five consecutive absences for the day program and four consecutive absences for the evening program), you will be dropped from the class. If you decide not to attend a class you’ve registered for, you should tell your teacher.

7. May I use my DC residency documents to help register my young adult under age 18? 
Yes, you may. To register your young adult (16-18 years old) you will need the same documents you would present if you were registering yourself. Click here to learn more about the documents needed to prove DC residency.

8. Can my legally married wife/husband use my DC residency documents to register?
No, he/she cannot use your residency documents.

9. When will I take the placement test to find out what English class I will be in?
You will take the test during the application process after your DC residency documents are reviewed.

10. How long does the registration process last?
You should plan at least a few hours for registration.

11. How much does it cost to register for classes at Carlos Rosario School?
Most classes are tuition-free for DC residents. However, students need to pay $20.00 for the school ID. Also students are generally responsible for purchasing books and materials. There are some classes with additional fees.

Regular Waiting List Questions

12. If the class I want is full, what do I do?
You will put your name on the regular waiting list. Calls for applicants on the regular waiting list usually start by the fourth week of class.

13. If my name is on the regular waiting list does it roll over to the next semester?
Your name on the regular waiting list does not roll over from one semester to the next. If you are still interested in classes, you need to call and put your name on the interest list each semester.

Lottery Questions(Fall semester registration only)

14. What is the lottery?

For classes where there are more applicants than spaces available, a lottery will be conducted so all new applicants have the same chance to enter into the class. To participate in the lottery all applicants MUST receive a lottery ticket on the day the application is submitted. Applicants who win the lottery will be asked to come back to register for their class. This event is open to the public.  Applicants do not need to be present to win.

15. What happens if I win the lottery?

The winners list will be posted on our school’s main front doors, website and Facebook page. Winners need to come on Tuesday August 25th or Wednesday August 26th from 8am-8pm to complete the registration process.

 16. What happens if I don’t win the lottery?
If you do not win the lottery, your name will be added to the lottery waiting list. If space becomes available, someone will call to let you know when you can register. Please let us know if your contact information changes.

17. If I win the lottery and I miss registration may I still register at a later time?
By missing registration you forfeit/lose the space you won. You may put your name on the interest list once it opens. To add your name to the interest list go to or call (202) 797-4700.

18. If my name is on the lottery waiting list one year will it be there the next year?
Names on the lottery waiting lists do not roll over from school year to school year. If you submitted your application and were placed on the lottery waiting list for a particular school year, and you were not called to register, you must re-apply to be considered again for any future school year.

19. Can I apply for more than one class?

You may apply for one additional part-time class only. The only part-time classes you may add are Citizenship and Native Language.