Registration Information


Registration for the Fall 2021 semester is now CLOSED.

If you are interested in our school, you can get on the list to apply for the next semester at any time. Click here to get on the list!

Add your name to the Interest List to receive reminders about upcoming registration opportunities.

Note: the Interest List helps us contact you to complete your application. It is not a waiting list



Check lottery results at the links below. Applicants are listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Los resultados de la lotería se encuentran en los enlaces de abajo. Los nombres están en orden alfabético, empezando con el apellido.

Resultados de la lotería – Lista de GanadoresLista de Espera

ከዚህ በታች ባሉት አገናኝ ሊንኮች ላይ የሎተሪ ውጤቶችን ይመልከቱ። አመልካቾች በአያት ስም በፊደል ቅደም ተከተል ተዘርዝረዋል።

የፎል 2021 የሎተሪ ውጤቶችየአሸናፊዎች ዝርዝር | የተጠባባቂ ዝርዝር

Les résultats de la loterie d’Automne 2021 peuvent être trouvés dans les liens ci-dessous. Les noms sont classés par ordre alphabétique, en commençant par le nom de famille.

Résultats de la loterie – Liste des GagnantsListe d’attente



Plan for the School – Fall 2021

We plan for students in the fall 2021 semester to attend classes in-person, virtually, or a combination of both. Click here for more information.



Eligibility and Application Process

What is the process for application?

  1. Sign up on the school Interest List 
  2. A member of our team will contact you within a few weeks to complete an English placement test and confirm your class
  3. For Career Training, GED, and Citizenship programs, you will complete additional testing and advising sessions
  4. If there is space available in your class, you will be registered


What is required to complete registration?

  • An official government ID
  • A document as proof of DC home address*
  • If you are under 26 years old, provide a copy of immunization records


Who may enroll in classes at the school?

Regular classes are open to DC residents who meet one or more of the following Adult Basic Education (ABE) criteria:

  • Lack sufficient mastery of basic educational skills to enable them to function effectively in society
  • Do not have a certificate of graduation from a school providing secondary education and who has not achieved an equivalent level of education; and/or
  • Have limited ability in speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language and whose native language is a language other than English

*There may be some classes that are open to non-DC residents. Beyond our tuition-free class offerings, the School also offers special fee-based programs that are open to students, employees and the public, such as Community Language Classes and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop Series. These programs are usually held on weekends when classes are not in session. These programs do not have the same registration and enrollment requirements as tuition-free classes.

General Application Information

Fall Semester – Lottery

The Fall semester started on September 7, 2021. The lottery only happens for fall semester classes. For classes where there are more applicants than spaces available, the school conducts a lottery so all new applicants have the same chance to enter into their class.

Spring Semester First-Come First-Served

The Spring semester begins in January. During Spring application dates, we serve a limited number of students. Applicants receive an entry ticket when they arrive. Each day the doors close at the scheduled closing time, or when the building reaches capacity. Applicants with entry tickets are served on a first come first served basis.

Questions? Read our Lottery FAQs or email