College Bound/ Vocational

Apply for a scholarship

Are you looking for financial support to attend college or a vocational school? Students of the Carlos Rosario School can apply for scholarships to be awarded during graduation. Applications are now open for the 2018-19 school year.

Scholarship Application Materials

Application for College-Bound Students

Application for Vocational or Non Credit Courses

Scholarship Renewal Application

Important Note: The deadline to apply is 8pm on March 8th, 2019. Applications must be fully completed and all items on the checklist submitted in order to be considered for the scholarship. Please check the requirements carefully. Please remember that this is a competitive process so submitting an application doesn’t guarantee that an applicant will be awarded a scholarship.

What college/vocational school is right for you?

Is your dream to graduate from college? Here at the Carlos Rosario School we have a number of resources for students interested in higher education. We offer college prep workshops, university visits, scholarships, and more.

Please check out the following link to take the first steps in choosing your big future!

You can also visit:

Words of Wisdom

Check out this advice for people just starting out college from those who were recently there.

How do I pay for my education?

Other Scholarships and Resources

Federal student aid for adult/non-traditional students


For more information, please contact Ana Reyes Albarracín at, (202)797-4700 ext. 127 or Alelign Dessie at, (202)734-4900, ext. 209 at the Sonia Gutierrez Campus Resource Center.