School Model


Carlos Rosario 3Transforming communities is at the core of the Carlos Rosario School model. We begin by helping students achieve their personal life and career goals. Through a comprehensive assessment process, we identify student goals and community needs. With this knowledge we work with the students to develop educational and support plans to help them achieve these objectives.

The Carlos Rosario School trains tomorrow’s diverse workforce using a cutting-edge approach to address the social, economic and linguistic integration of immigrant students and the community in which they live. We combine education, life skills, and workforce development programs with a connection to support services such as psychosocial and financial counseling, health referrals, career counseling and more. The school integrates cross cultural awareness in the curriculum and through special activities and cultural celebrations. In this manner students learn about each other’s cultures while also gaining a better understanding of American society. In addition, students develop leadership skills through engagement in civic and community activities within a community development framework.

The hands-on job training programs in the high-growth, high-demand industries of culinary arts, healthcare and technology provide training for jobs that offer family-sustaining wages and career mobility. English language, literacy, and digital literacy instruction is embedded into all our classes.

Thanks to our programs, students are able to reach their dreams. This in turn has a transformative impact on whole communities as students become more globally-minded employees, family-sustaining wage earners, open-minded citizens, productive taxpayers, and engaged parents and community members.