News - Fostering a Community of Diversity and Inclusion

IMG_9801_editedAs a school of adult learners who are diverse not just in ethnicity but also age, sexual orientation, economic status, and more, we are committed to creating a culture of inclusion that celebrates our differences and builds on our shared experiences.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee, committed to creating a more inclusive school culture, is made up of 12 staff members representing departments across the school from registration to student services. Throughout the 2014-2015 school year the group hosted 20 different events including a reading club focusing on the book Everyday Bias, which explores the unconscious biases that inform daily decisions. Ninety-eight books were distributed and six club meetings were held. At the conclusion of the book club author Howard Ross, a nationally recognized expert on diversity and leadership, presented to the staff and answered questions about his book from teachers and staff.

The committee also hosted documentary screenings and discussion sessions around Harvest of Empire, which explores the direct connection between the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and today’s immigration issues.

Throughout the year the committee held nine trainings for teachers and staff about unconscious bias and inclusion. The committee also played a role in school-wide celebrations of diversity such as a LGBT pride luncheon