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My name is Vanessa Mendez and it’s been 7 years since I started the Culinary Arts program at Carlos Rosario where I fell totally in love with the kitchen. I had to go back to Venezuela, where I opened my own natural juice bar, where I was for one year. Due to the insecurity of the country, I went back to the United States. When I arrived, I winded up developing my Culinary Arts program at Carlos Rosario. Little by little, through all the hardships life gave me, I went on developing the idea of what I wanted to do with my own business. Thanks to Raul Medrano, Angela Neira and to Carlos Rosario, I have been able to advance little by little and I am very grateful. My business is based on healthy, organic cold-pressed juices with no additives. Above everything, the juices are for good health! At Healthy 4 U, we can make eating healthy tasty!

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