News - Highest Ranking Latina in State Department Meets With Students

img_0558The Honorable Mari Carmen Aponte, Acting Assistant Secretary at the Department of State, shared inspiring words about leadership and democracy with students at the Carlos Rosario School. The discussion was part of the school’s ongoing civic education initiative.

A group of 30 adult immigrant student leaders from various Latin American countries had the opportunity to listen to the Honorable Aponte, who oversees diplomatic units in the region. The theme of the night was democracy and what people can do to make a difference.

She explained that the most important words in politics and democracy are “’we the people’ because that is where the government’s power comes from: we the people.” Aponte urged the students in the room to keep active in their communities and make their voices heard in the government.

The Puerto Rican lawyer turned diplomat went on to explain the different branches of the United States government and the nation’s system of checks and balances. She highlighted the importance of having diversity in the branches of the government, a reflection of the nation.

Geovanny Vicente Romero, a Carlos Rosario School English as a Second Language program graduate and current employee of the school, said that “her message was filled with inspiration, courage, and infinite love and respect for the Latino community.  As a member of this community, I feel very proud to have met such an exemplary woman who challenges us all to break through any language, education, and socio-economic barriers that we may encounter on our own life’s journey.”