Student Success Stories - Meet Josue

Carlos Rosario School just helped prepare another student to become a U.S. citizen in November. Originally from El Salvador, Josue said becoming an American citizen feels like a dream come true! “Since I am in the U.S., I was determined to get my naturalization as soon as I could.”

Josue is now a U.S. citizen and has the ability to vote, travel more easily abroad and most importantly become civically involved in his new country. He hopes to see others immigrants to consider becoming a citizen, “they can get better jobs, have better benefits and be involved more in the elections of the country,” he said.

He is very grateful for the Carlos Rosario School, “When I arrived in the U.S., I had no money no friends; the Carlos Rosario school was my only family. The School helped me a lot in many things. I am proud to be a Carlos Rosario School student and a new U.S. citizen,” he said.

Josue first took ESL classes at the Carlos Rosario School. He started at the very beginning and progressed from Orientation A to level 8. Afterwards he earned his GED, enrolled in technology classes and finally the Citizenship class offered at the School.

The Citizenship test prep course has helped prepare many students to complete their naturalization process. Last year, thanks to a grant from the Philip L Graham Fund the course is now open to residents of the District as well as Maryland and Virginia.

Josue continues to pursue his goals in his new country. One of them is to look for higher education. He also would like to find a better job and buy a house.

Way to go Josue! Your Carlos Rosario School family is proud of your achievements!