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How Metro Service Cuts Pose Extra Challenges for Low Income Riders (January 2017)


Volunteers Turn Out to Spruce Up the Metropolitan Branch Trail (January 2017)

Washington Hispanic

Maria Carmen Aponte inspira a estudiantes inmigrantes (December 2016)

mundo hispano

Un Navidad latina e inmigrante en Washington, DC (December 2016)

mundo hispano

Emprendedora hondureña comparte la receta para preparar ‘encurtidos para la vida’ (December 2016)


Committing to More Adult Schools  (December 2016)


Worst of the Worst Commutes (November 2016)

certification mag

Computer Support Specialist Program Highlight (October 2016)

Why Vote (October 2016)

 New Citizen on Why She Votes (October 2016)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Alcanza sus sueños de superación gracias a escuela para adultos en DC
(September 2016)


National Voter Registration Day (September 2016)

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Dos eventos, una meta: su voto (September 2016)
migrante 21 Carlos Rosario organiza evento para registrarse y aprender a votar (September 2016)
logo VOA  Immigrants cooking up a fusion of Cultures and Cuisines (September 2016)

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Los Hispanos son Prioridade para Escuela en Washington, D.C. (September 2016)
logo VOA Immigrants Find Their American Dream in the Kitchen (August 2016)
logo VOA Immigrant Students Dream of Helping People (August 2016)


Good Morning Washington: Spotlight on the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School (August 2016)

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Nuevos ciudadanos en Carlos Rosario (July 2016)

Food Service Monthly

Educated Eats Steps Forward With Vision and Scholarships (July 2016)
univision dc Graduación de la Escuela Carlos Rosario (June 2016)
El Mundo Inmigrantes tienen mayor interés en registrarse para votar en EUA (May 2016)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Carlos Rosario impulsa el voto (May 2016)
migrante 21 Election 2016: Taking Action at Carlos Rosario (May 2016)

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De lavaplatos a Chef de reyes y presidentes (May 2016)
migrante 21 Get Up and Vote: Community Action Fair at Carlos Rosario (May 2016)

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Feria Cívica en Carlos Rosario (May 2016)
Estadao Reação a tom ofensivo de Trump deve influir nas urnas (May 2016)

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Alcaldesa lanza campaña para mejorar la limpieza y accesibilidad en DC (May 2016)
nclr-logo-111615 NCLR 2015 Annual Report (April 2016)
African Beatola logo Carlos Rosario students meet the Mayor (April 2016)

La Voz de Ola

The African Beat

Washington Hispanic

Sonia Gutiérrez en el Salón de la Fama de Escuelas Charter (April 2016)

AU SIS photo

Is the Kitchen the New Venue of Foreign Policy? (March 2016)

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La Voz de Ola: Jackie Reyes at the Achieving the Dream Luncheon (January 2016)


Exploring Conflict, Community and Identity in Cuisine (December 2015)
DCist_logo Mentoring the Next Generation of Immigrant Chefs: Meet Ben Velasquez (November 2015)
Washington Hispanic  Homenaje a Sonia Gutiérrez en el Carlos Rosario (November 2015)
HillRagLogo  Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month Inside and Out of the Classroom (October 2015)
DCPCSB-Logo-Final-CMYK Quality Education has Positive Effects on Hispanic Public Charter School Students (October 2015)
Pagina Social Homenaje de Carlos Rosario al Mes de la Herencia Hispana (October 2015)
la prensa grafica Caucus Salvadoreño Empresarial entrega reconocimientos (October 2015)
latina style Sonia Gutierrez: American Dream Medallion of Excellence Awardee (October 2015)
cocinando con vos logo Cocinando con Vos: Fiesta DC (September 2015)
washington diplomat Carlos Rosario School: Local Pioneer in Teaching Foreign-Born Immigrants (September 2015)
logo_DCPCSB International Insights_El Salvador (September 2015)
el zol logo Allison Kokkoros’s interview on Tu Familia Zol (August 2015)
vob logo Carlos Rosario School Returns to El Salvador (July 2015)
certification mag CertStudent: Coming to America, Land of IT Opportunity (July 2015)
logo_writers center Carlos Rosario Write Who You Are (July 2015)
certification mag CertStudent: Help desk beats 10-hour days at the deli for energetic single mother (July 2015)
17-Washington-Post-Logo Top Workplaces: What makes a nonprofit a rewarding place to work (June 2015)
telemundo dc Sonia Gutiérrez Campus Way: primera calle nombrada por un latino en la capital (June 2015)
popville_logo About that Awesome New Building at 5th and V St, NE (June 2015)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Sonia Gutiérrez, un nombre con legado en Washington DC (June 2015)
Washington Hispanic  DC Honra a Sonia Gutierrez (June 2015)
la_opinion Capital de EEUU hace historia al bautizar calle con nombre de líder latina (June 2015)
univision dc  Buenos Días DC Segment at 14:45 (June 2015)
National Allicance Charters  30 Days of Grad: Carlos Rosario Charter School (June 2015)
 logo_DCPCSB National Teacher Appreciation Week_Hugh Beshers (May 2015)
 wjla-abc-7-logo Chef Benjamin Velasquez Cooking for Passport DC (May 2015)
 fox5 Student Francisco Ferrufino of Meridian Pint  (May 2015)
 dc contigo Carlos Rosario Culinary Students at TamalFest 2015 (April 2015)
NBC-Latino-Logo-300x146 From Its Wrap to Ingredients (April, 2015)
Hola Cultura TamalFest 2015 (April, 2015)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Visita real a escuela Carlos Rosario (March, 2015)
Washington Hispanic Un Príncipe en Carlos Rosario (March, 2015)
telemundo dc Príncipe Carlos visita escuela inmigrante en la capital (March, 2015)
17-Washington-Post-Logo Prince Charles visits adult education school in D.C. (March, 2015)
la_opinion Príncipe Carlos visita escuela de inmigrantes en capital de EEUU (March, 2015)
nbc news Prince Charles Drops Some Royal English on Immigrant Classroom (March, 2015)
people-logo-642x336 Watch Prince Charles Dance to Mariachi Music (March, 2015)
reuters Prince Charles tours school, veterans’ home in U.S. visit (March, 2015)
AP_RGB Prince Charles, Camilla Having Busy Last Day in DC (March, 2015)
afro american Charter School’s Black History Month Celebration Highlights Black Culture (March, 2015)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Escuela Carlos Rosario resalta cultura africana (March, 2015)
17-Washington-Post-Logo An immigrant student invited a Supreme Court justice to dinner. She took him up on it. (March 2015)


DC Health Enrollment ‘Marathon’ (February, 2015)


One Woman’s Quest for Education, Despite All Odds (December, 2014)

Hola Cultura

Featured Recipe: Coq au Vin by Carlos Rosario student chefs (December, 2014)


Adult Education Nonprofit Gets On The Charter School Bandwagon (October, 2014)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Chef Benjamín Velásquez: “Todos comenzamos desde cero” (September, 2014)
Washington Hispanic Allison toma el timón de la “Carlos Rosario” (September, 2014)
washington_examiner_logo Exclusive Interview With Allison Kokkoros, CEO Carlos Rosario International PCS (September, 2014)
washington_examiner_logo Allison Kokkoros to Succeed Sonia Gutierrez as Carlos Rosario CEO (August, 2014)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Nueva directora toma riendas de Escuela Carlos Rosario en DC  (August, 2014)
DCiReporter Carlos Rosario School Educates and Graduates the New Americans (June, 2014)
305px-MUNDOFOX.svg Aumenta el protagonismo profesional de los latinos en los restaurantes de EE.UU.  (May, 2014)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Chefs revelan secretos de la cocina (May, 2014)
Washington Hispanic Nombran a hispana maestra del año (May, 2014)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Objetivos alcanzados bajo el Obamacare (April, 2014)
voxxilogo2 Beyond the pupusa: Chef brings El Salvador’s kitchen to life (April, 2014)
logo_DCPCSB Vice President Joe Biden makes a surprise visit to Carlos Rosario International PCS (April, 2014)
Architecture-DC-logo Scholarly Pursuits: Inspirational New Academic Buildings (April, 2014)
AP_RGB VP Encourages Last-Minute Health Care Applicants (March, 2014)
washington_examiner_logo Carlos Rosario PCS wins E Pluribus Unum Prize (December 2013)
edweeklogo DC Charter Serving Adult English-Learners Earns National Honor (December 2013)
washington_examiner_logo Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School – Sonia Gutierrez Campus (October 2013)
AP_RGB Test Takers Rush To Complete GED (November 2013)
elevation-DC-logo DC nonprofits start charter schools to ready adults for the workforce (October 2013)
17-Washington-Post-Logo New Workforce Development Center Opens in Northeast Washington (October 2013)
Washington Hispanic Sonia Gutierrez ya tiene su campus and Sonia Gutierrez Campus Photo Gallery (October 2013)
El Tiempo Latino Logo Fomentan competitividad laboral and Sonia Gutierrez: Soy orgullosamente boricua (October 2013)

Hola Cultura

Carlos Rosario School inaugurates new campus (October, 2013)
wamu_logo School For Adult Learners Opens Second District Campus (October 2013

Food Service Monthly

Carlos Rosario Expands Impact With New Campus (October 2013)
wamu_logo English, A step toward “The American Dream” (April 2013)