News - A Shakespeare Primer: To Be Or Not To Be

shakespeareThis is just one soliloquy question Carlos Rosario School GED students learned about through a unique partnership between the School and the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Earlier this semester 17 students participated in an in-class workshop that introduced Shakespeare and his play The Tempest. To better understand key plot elements, students reenacted the play led by the Associate Director of Education at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, Dat Ngo. The next day 10 students –who came to the U.S. from around the globe, Cameroon to El Salvador –went to the Sydney Harman Hall to see a professional performance of The Tempest. Student Nicodeme Ekani said, “Our class’s field trip to see The Tempest was one of the most amazing field trips I have ever participated in at Carlos Rosario. Not only because the play was fantastic but also we had the best seats in the audience. One thing I learnt from the play was that we should always forgive people no matter what fault they did to us.”

According to GED teacher Scott Ferree, “By seeing [The Tempest] and discussing it with members of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s educational outreach staff, students are able to access the cultural relevance of a figure like Shakespeare whose plays are read by just about every American high school student.”