News - The Sonia Gutierrez Campus hosts its first cultural festival

CRHispanicHeritage14-063The Sonia Gutierrez Campus’ main hall was transformed this past October to celebrate the Carlos Rosario School’s Hispanic Heritage Festival. Students, staff and community members showed their pride by performing music, poetry and dance, while culinary arts trainees prepared a Colombian inspired feast. It was the first cultural celebration at the Sonia Gutierrez Campus since it opened last fall. “At our two campuses we serve 1,52CRHispanicHeritage14-0638 Latino students, 73% of our student population. Our school is highly diverse and it represents the immigrant demographic of Washington, DC,” said Allison R. Kokkoros, Executive Director/CEO of the School. Kokkoros highlighted the importance of students having a platform to engage the School community in celebrating the traditions and heritage of its Latino students. The event was also a tribute to Board of Trustees Chair Alberto Gomez, a successful Latino who emigrated to the U.S. from Colombia. He was watching via Skype as he is recovering from a recent medical procedure. His daughter, Carolina Storey, was present to speak on behalf of her father. “He made a life for himself here in the U.S.,” she said. “He did it through hard work but most of all he did it through a belief in education. That’s why he supports the Carlos Rosario School, because he values above all things an education, and a good one.” The festival was just one part of a whole month of events to share with the community the rich cultures and successes of Latinos in D.C. which included workshops, a panel on immigration, and performances.