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Recently, Hyppolite graduated from the Carlos Rosario School IT Fundamentals Training Program. He considers himself a life-long learner and when he discovered the world of IT, he knew it would be a perfect fit with his strengths and passions.

Born and raised in Haiti, Hyppolite left his country, when the 7.0 earthquake decimated both his livelihood and the economy. This disastrous event caused him to move to the United States to find safety, stability, and opportunity. When Hyppolite arrived to start his new life in the US, he faced a language barrier “my Spanish was much better than my English,” he said. Hyppolite had to learn English while he was working full time. He persevered and graduated high school then afterwards, earned an associate degree in business administration.

Hyppolite attempted to continue his education by pursuing a career in finance which led him to one of the toughest years in his life. He had to balance home life, long workdays, and school. Hyppolite eventually had to make the hard decision to postpone his goals. He decided to become an Armed Special Police Officer. “It was easier for me to get training, get my certification and my license,” Hyppolite shared.

Despite working long hours and sometimes double shifts, Hyppolite always kept his dream of continuing his education. Although his career goals may have changed, his desire to continue his education never diminished.

During the pandemic, he realized that he had extra time to study. Through the help and advice of his friends already working in IT, Hyppolite felt pulled to the world of IT and cybersecurity. “I felt that this career is what I want to do in life,” he said. Hyppolite then made the decision to embark on a new educational journey with a goal to become an ITF+ certified.

Hyppolite’s passion with computers and technology drew him to the Carlos Rosario School. In September 2021, he enrolled in the IT Fundamentals Training Program and learned the essentials of computing networks, software development, database concepts, cloud computing, and virtualization. Two months later, Hyppolite passed his CompTIA ITF+ Certification!

The support and encouragement that Hyppolite encountered at the Carlos Rosario School throughout his educational journey was critical to his success. Eddy Ceballos, IT Instructor at the School and his assistant Edwin were exceptional in guiding Hyppolite through a time when he needed all the support he could get. “They were very supportive during the whole program. The school provided all the materials, computer, and internet. We also received training in how to build a resume and thanks to all this support I was able to achieve my goal.”

Earning his ITF+ Certification remained unfinished business for him, and he is determined to pursue his studies in the same field. Hyppolite plans and thinks big for his future. “My goal is to continue my education, get the next AWS certification, learn more skills, and get a full-time job in this new field where I feel so passionate.” As of right now, Hyppolite is on track to become AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified and A+ Certified.

Hyppolite is working diligently to reach his lifelong dream and become a networking engineer or to work as a cyber security analyst. That’s not all- Hyppolite aims for more than that, he hopes to create his own business. Way to go!

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