Student Success Stories - Meet Mirna

Mirna’s life is a true testament to not allowing your setbacks to limit you from chasing your dreams. Through her strong love for education, she broke the barriers of her hometown and created a better future for her children. After 16 years of studying and working at the Carlos Rosario School in the Facilities Department, she has gained priceless knowledge and experience and feels “more confident that [she] can work in any place.”

Arriving in the United States 25 years ago from a small town in El Salvador, Mirna had a dream to help support her family. From a humble background and without much English, she was determined to make a life of her own. While working a part-time job, her boss told her about the Carlos Rosario School after finding out that she didn’t speak English. Mirna enrolled in ESL 1 and began her journey at the School.

After graduating from the Culinary Arts Program in 2007 and beginning to study Microsoft Applications, Mirna had to take a break from her education after having two children in 2010 and 2012. Although she didn’t want to stop studying, she had to support her family. 

“I didn’t have time to study but it was always in my heart to go back and improve my English and continue taking another class”

Ultimately, she returned to Carlos Rosario School after struggling to help her daughter with her math homework. She realized that she needed to have an understanding to set her children up for success. Although it was difficult to balance family and education, Mirna was grounded by her determination and discipline. 

“In life we need to sacrifice, because nobody else will do it. This is my future. It will help me and also motivate my children to pursue their dreams… This example as a parent can show to our children that if I can succeed, they can succeed too.”

Despite working full time, being a mother, and frequently staying up until 2am to study, Mirna graduated from Internet Core Competency Certification, ESL 8 and Bilingual Teacher Assistant in 2021. She is currently searching for a job and says that her education has allowed her to be more confident and understand the job search process as an immigrant. 

“I am willing to work in any place. It is my dream. I can talk, I can write, and I have a lot of skills and knowledge here at Carlos Rosario School.”

After being a student and a staff member at Carlos Rosario School, Mirna testifies that it is the place to go to prepare yourself for anything you want to accomplish in life. Through her time with the School, she has not only gained valuable knowledge and skills, but has also found her “second house” and family.

“Carlos Rosario School is the how for each immigrant to open the door to transform their life. If you want to prepare yourself to do something, Carlos Rosario School is the place.”