Meet Abraham

Abraham spent the first 19 years of his life in his homeland, but May 13, 2016 will be a day he can never forget – the day Abraham moved from Havana, Cuba to the United States. He joined his father and came to go to college, but first Abraham had to learn English. An outstanding… Read more »

Meet Ayoub

Ayoub’s entire life can be summarized in three words: boldness, perseverance, and determination. Our proud alumnus followed an unusual pathway to success and is now receiving recognition for his hard work. He moved to the United States in 2017, from Morocco where he studied and earned degrees in Finance and Computer Science. Ayoub’s journey would… Read more »

Meet Alexandra

For noble souls, valor does not depend upon age. Our Advanced English student Alexandra is a great example! At only 19-years-old, Alexandra Olivas became a manager at Panera Bread-George Washington University. Listening to Alexandra talk about her life, it is impossible not to feel inspired by her enthusiasm and her work ethic. And most importantly… Read more »

Meet Juan Carlos

It was the desire to share knowledge that attracted Juan Carlos Portillo to the field of education and ultimately to the Bilingual Teaching Assistant program of the Carlos Rosario School. The paraprofessional with E.L. Hayes Public Charter School proved hard work and determination can pay off. Becoming a full time teacher’s assistant is a step… Read more »

Meet Josue

Carlos Rosario School just helped prepare another student to become a U.S. citizen in November. Originally from El Salvador, Josue said becoming an American citizen feels like a dream come true! “Since I am in the U.S., I was determined to get my naturalization as soon as I could.” Josue is now a U.S. citizen… Read more »

Meet Almaz

Leaving Ethiopia was not an easy decision for Almaz Demise. She had a bright future as a trained pastry chef with two jobs, one in a cafe and one in a hotel, but reuniting her family took priority. She and her son left for Washington, DC in November 2017 to join her husband who immigrated… Read more »

Another Partnership Signed with CTTI School in Ethiopia

The Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School was invited by Mayor Muriel Bowser to be part of the first ever mayoral trade/exchange mission delegation from Washington, DC to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from November 8 – 13, 2019. Mayor Bowser and Mayor Takele Uma Banti (Addis Ababa) renewed the Sister City Agreement that exists between the… Read more »

The Carlos Rosario School Helps Adults Learn English, Join Workforce

On Friday, November 1st the Carlos Rosario School’s trajectory was featured during the segment Harris Heroes on NBC4.  The story featured Allison R. Kokkoros, CEO of the School, Geovanny Vicente Romero, a graduate and now a staff member, and Karina Samuels and long-time faculty member. Founded by arduous community leader, Sonia Gutierrez, the Carlos Rosario… Read more »

A Remark From Nurse Aide Program Graduate Michael

Michael is a Nurse Aide program graduate and was one of 3 student speakers who delivered their remarks at June’s Carlos Rosario School graduation ceremony. He said: “This is just the beginning for all of us graduates; we have a lot to do in the future, and education and persistence are the key.” Good evening… Read more »